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Last updated: February 13, 2020

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Completed Next Steps
  • Completed the search for Operations Leader. Hired Roger McCoy to fill this role beginning January 2020.
  • Final candidates selected for the Operations Leader role
  • September 14–15 — Communicated updates from the efforts of the Leadership Vision Summit and details about the future direction of the church. Watch here.
  • September 7 – Niles to begin its transition to independence with shared services agreement in place with HBC
  • Arbitration Process:
    • August —Received a revised list of issues to be in the arbitration process from James MacDonald
    • May — Received letter informing us that our former Senior Pastor, James MacDonald is pursuing arbitration with Harvest Bible Chapel through the Institute for Christian Conciliation (ICC). See May update here. See what arbitration is here.
  • August 9-10 – Vision Summit with Elders, Church Leadership Team, and Campus Pastors to advance the priorities of the church
  • May 2019 — Decision to plant Niles as an independent church
  • April 30 — Instated new Elder Board (see 9 members here)
  • April 2019 — Established Ministry Leadership Team and Operations Leadership Team (click titles to see members)
  • March 2019 — Instated Church Leadership Team (see members here)
  • Begin the search for Lead Teaching Pastor
  • Arbitration: In May 2019, James MacDonald initiated Christian arbitration against HBC and we formally entered the process in December 2019. We will make every effort to provide regular updates as we are able within the confines of the ICC’s confidentiality rules and requirements. This process will be lengthy and tedious; we ask that you pray for discernment for the panel of Christian arbiters and our legal team.
  • February 2020 – Elder Board Changing Size
    As we announced in September 2019 (see update), the elder board was planning to grow to have two elders per campus.  The Elder Selection Committee is in the final stages of selecting those additional Lay Elders. The plan is to announce the newly selected Elders along with the two new Campus Pastors in late February. Greg Bradshaw, our Lead Ministry Pastor, will also be joining the board as one of the Senior Leaders moving forward.  Our next step will be adding the future Lead Teaching Pastor once that person has been selected.
  • February 2020 – Pending closure on final details of Niles building purchase, full operational independence will be granted to CityLine Bible Church, completing the planting of the Niles Campus.

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Completed What’s Ahead
  • Christmas 2019  — Celebrated at Harvest.
  • All-Church Worship Nights: second Thursday of the month in Rolling Meadows (September-December)
  • November 2019 — Thanksgiving Meals delivered to families in need
  • November 13 — A Night with Tim Tebow featuring Vertical Worship
  • Harvest Christian Academy 2019-2020: launched an International Student Program
  • Vertical Worship: Next Album recording on September 12 (the second Worship Night)
  • All Church Worship Nights: second Thursday of the month in Rolling Meadows (beginning August 8)
  • July 2019 — Camp Harvest Junior High and High School Summer Camps: 70+ salvation decisions
  • June 2019 — Act Like Men Palooza Unplugged: 590 men. See the recap here.
  • June 2019 — High Five: 3200 kids + volunteers, 120+ salvation decisions. See the recap here.
  • February 2019 — Wake Up Student Conference: 1200+ students, 50 salvation decisions. See the recap here.
  • Harvest Christian Academy 2018-2019: Top 2% SAT scores in Illinois; Baseball team made it to the State Finals; 10,000+ hours of community service and outreach by the students; budget ended in black
  • Vertical Worship: Yes I Will picked up by K-Love radio station
  • All-Church Worship Nights (February 13, March 12, May 14, June 11)
  • February 14–16, 2020—Wake Up Student Conference
  • February 28-March 1, 2020—Harvest Women’s Retreat
  • March 13, 2020 — Vertical Worship album release
  • Harvest Christian Academy 2019-2020: update Media Center; improve Ministry Strategy for HCA and Elgin Student Ministry
  • Compassion outreach expanded on each campus (see update below under “Finances”)
  • June 5–7, 2020—Palooza men’s event at Camp Harvest
  • June 15–19—High Five Summer Day Camp for Kids at Rolling Meadows (Chicago Cathedral and Deerfield Road kids welcome!) and Crystal Lake
  • June 22–26—High Five Summer Day Camp for Kids at Elgin and Aurora

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Completed Next Steps
  • December 23 – November financial dashboard from the Finance Committee posted and can be read here.
  • December 6 – October financial dashboard from the Finance Committee can be read here.
  • November 21 – Elders shared the financial review report with the church. See the update here.
  • October 31 — Finance Committee Video Update with the financial dashboard for September. Watch the video here.
  • September 27
    • Finance Committee Video Update with the financial dashboard for August. Watch the video here.
    • Started a new giving reporting method to the congregation for greater clarity. The new reporting can be seen on the back of the weekly sermon notes and here.
  • September 4-5 — Accounting firm was on-site going through financial documents as a part of the continued process for the financial review.
  • Finance Committee (including congregation members, Elders, and staff) was relaunched and reports directly to the Elder board
  • Paid down $3M to the mortgage
  • April 2019 — Launched and developed Procurement Department
  • March 2019 — Changed duration of Closer Campaign (see update here)
  • March 2019 — Reduced annual church budget from $24M to $16.8M through staff reductions, budget reductions, and other financial initiatives
  • March 2019 — Launched legal and financial review to be conducted; initial legal review received primarily about governance
  • February 2019 — Completed forensics audit regarding former CIO fraud investigation
  • Closer Campaign funds of $300k to be utilized for outreach/compassion ministry across all campuses (a portion of the funds collected from December 2018 – March 31, 2019)
  • Complete 2018 Financial Audit: Our audit firm was delayed in completing the 2018 audit due to the financial review we initiated with regard to spending in the senior pastor’s office. Since the financial review report was released in November 2019, they have been working towards the completion of the audit. Now, the 2018 audit process is in its final stages and once complete will be released.
  • Complete 2019 Financial Audit: Once the 2018 Audit is complete, the 2019 audit process will begin.
  • March 2020—Campus Pastors to finalize plans to utilize the remaining funds from Closer Campaign for local projects and ministry initiatives (half of the Closer funds collected from April 1-December 31, 2019) This is a part of the Campus Pastors’ Quarter 1 Goals.
  • Closing on the Niles property and working towards re-amortization of mortgage loans
  • Elgin Police Department to complete their fraud investigation regarding former CIO

Additional Updates