Need help with a budget? Wonder how to prepare your family for college? Do you feel like your schedule manages you and not the other way around!?



“It was good to make connections with others in our church community who are well-informed about areas of stewardship that my wife and I are just now entering into. Hearing the testimonies of how God has worked in other people’s lives was also a blessing.” – Dave Helsley, Stewardship University Attendee

“Most useful to my family from Stewardship University was the explanation about establishing a trust, and about having a legacy of giving.” – George Reed, Stewardship University Attendee

“Biblical stewardship involves more than our wallets, it involves our time and talents as well.  Stewardship U helped people discover the immense joy and growth that comes from serving the Lord in a way that maximizes one’s abilities and interests in a way that produces abundant fruitfulness in their lives and in the church.” – Craig Steiner, Stewardship University Elective Leader

“Attending a session on finance or insurance is not something that most people get excited to do. However I noticed the progress of the attendees as they took the first step of education in these important areas of stewardship.” – Mike Lankford, Stewardship University Elective Leader