How I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ

I grew up without faith. As an adult, success came easy. Work was my life. In 2000 my wife left and life went dark. At surrender, I found the Bible my grandparents gave me as a boy and cried, “God help me.” Later, a young woman asked, “Would you like hope?” In 2003, my new life began after trusting Jesus. I married that young woman and today have a God centered life, marriage and family.

How I came to Harvest

I have listened daily to Walk in the Word since 2008 during my morning run. I heard about the position while serving in another church. My wife and I had prayed and dreamed about serving at Harvest one day. After months of prayer and Godly counsel we knew The Lord was calling us to Harvest.

Why I do what I do

After years in the marketplace I am humbled to use my gifts for the church and His Kingdom.