How I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ

My wife prayed for me and was an example to me of what a Christ-follower is. I heard the gospel message and said the prayer of salvation. Several men came around me early in my faith and discipled me.  Showing me what it was to be a follower of Jesus, not just a believer.

How I came to Harvest

I was serving as a Deacon at Harvest, and the senior pastor asked me to consider serving on the staff as the coordinator of the Worship Team. I was able to bring leadership and direction to a team of young gifted musicians.

What I do at Harvest

I am a disciple-maker for Jesus Christ.

Why I do what I do at Harvest

I love getting a front-row seat to Jesus Christ transforming lives for the glory of God.

At Harvest since March 1999
Previous work 28 years in ministry and 16 years in the marketplace
Favorite verse John 15:5
Married to Ginger since 1975
Children Allison, Martin, and Kristen