How I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ
I was eight years old, and it was an October night at Awana. An elderly woman who was a missionary to China was a guest speaker. She told of the mighty works of God in the hearts of a people who had never heard of the good news of Jesus Christ.  I was in awe of the love of God. My father had been a pastor, so I heard the Gospel many times before. But this was my day of salvation, as the Spirit drew me to the Father and Jesus became my Savior and Lord.

How I came to Harvest
In 2007, I was invited to Harvest by a woman who was a speaker at a retreat that I had attended outside of Harvest. I knew of Harvest, but was hesitant to attend because of not wanting a ‘big church’. When we attended the first time, we encountered the Spirit of the living God in a way we had not experienced in church before. We knew immediately this was our home. Each year our lives are marked by the power of God in this place and a deeper love for the people we are blessed to call our church family.

What I do at Harvest
I’ve served in different capacities since coming on staff and have landed with one foot on the operations side and one foot on the ministry side.  I have the privilege of being the Senior Director of Harvest Counseling operations, along with leading and developing the next generation of Harvest Women.

Why I do what I do
I am in awe that God has chosen to love me, to be His child, and to use my life for such a clear and satisfying purpose:  To build His church for His glory.

At Harvest since 2007
On staff since 2012
Previous work  Law Firm Director
Favorite verse Luke 22:31-32
Married to David since 1990
Children Rachel, who is married to Pastor Jake van Gilse, and they have one son, Ezekiel.