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Small Group Curriculum



Choosing the Small Group Curriculum that is best for your Small Group influences the direction of your Small Group over the next several months and hopefully the life of your Small Group Members. Prayerfully consider which curriculum is best for your Small Group.

This list is a way to help direct people in their walk with Christ by providing topics with doctrinal integrity, spiritual life application, and a well-rounded pursuit of discipleship. We have provided four options for you
to choose for your group. If you attend a Harvest Bible Chapel – Chicagoland campus, you must choose from the options below:

Option 1: Message Application Guide (Get it from your local church’s website)

Option 2: Message Application (10 min) + Harvest Bible Chapel curriculum

Option 3: Message Application (10 min) + Recommended curriculum

Option 4: Message Application (10 min) + Recommended author

As you consider choosing your Small Group Curriculum, we encourage you to…

1. Choose the Message Application Guide as the foundation for your study as a Small Group. Refreshing your mind with the content from the weekly message and giving a concerted effort toward applying it to your lives will be one of the most fruitful curriculum choices you can make.

2. Choose a curriculum that will be best for your entire Small Group. Although you or one member of your Small Group may desire a particular material, that doesn’t mean that it is best for the entire group. To the best of your ability, identify a curriculum that will challenge every member of your Small Group to take the next step in their Walk with Christ.

3. Choose varying topics for curriculum. Look for topics that will challenge your Small Group members to grow in various ways over the course of a year.