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Small Group Curriculum



The description of a Small Group is, “Uncommon Communities Applying God’s Truth in Everyday Life.” We believe that a disciple of Christ grows when they are intentional in learning and applying biblical lessons around what we call The 4 W’s: worship Christ, walk with Christ, work for Christ, and witness for Christ. To help you choose application-based curriculum that will best influence the direction of and growth within your Small Group over the next several months, we’ve put together a Recommended Curriculum list.

Follow these Best Practices for Selecting Curriculum:

1. Assess your group’s position spiritually by using the GPS Tool

  • Bring the GPS Tool to your group to get their input.
  • Once you’ve done the GPS, meet with your Coach to talk together about the direction your group should go the next 3-6 months.
  • Review the Recommended Curriculum list. For ease of use, notice the list is divided by topical categories.
  • You may think about going back to your group with 2-3 curriculum options; and then decide as a group which study you will do.
  • Choose a curriculum that will be best for your entire Small Group. Although you or one member of your Small Group may desire a particular material, that doesn’t mean that it is best for the entire group. To the best of your ability, identify a curriculum that will challenge every member of your Small Group to take the next step in their Walk with Christ.

2. Choose varying topics and types of curriculum. Look for topics that will challenge your Small Group members to grow in various ways over the course of a year. A healthy rhythm of discipleship studies can include:

  • Verse by verse group Bible study
  • Message Application Guide
  • Topical group studies

3. Use the 3-month planning tool to plan intentional discipleship (hyperlink)

4. If you find an application-based group study you would like to use that is not on the Recommended Curriculum list, please speak with your Coach who will consult with your pastor or director.