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Short Term Missions

Short-Term Missions—Long-Term Impact!

Our goal is to utilize serving tasks, to disciple our church body. When you head out on a short term missions trip, you are not just supporting, encouraging, and equipping another Harvest Bible Chapel, but you are growing in Christ yourself!

Missions at Harvest are a response to the call given by Christ:

To be His witnesses and to make disciples to the ends of the earth.

  • Global Missions – Center on efforts that establish, reproduce, and strengthen the local, indigenous church through the planting of Harvest Bible Chapels around the world.
  • Short-term Missions – Focus on mobilizing our church body toward greater involvement in the Great Commission in partnership with Harvest church plants in North America and internationally.
  • In every aspect of missions – We seek to glorify God, through the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment, by equipping and sending forth disciplemakers.

Our Missions Values

  • Prayer – The foundation for all our Missions efforts. Matthew 9:37, 38; Acts 13:2
  • Church Planting – Our focus is on ministries that plant and assist in strengthening and multiplying churches. Matthew 16:18
  • National Workers – Partnering with national pastors and leaders to assist in church planting. 3 John 5-8
  • Discipleship – Developing quality disciples. 2 Timothy 2:2; Matthew 28:19-20
  • People-focused – Seeking God to raise up and equip laborers. Acts 9:15; Romans 10:14-15
  • Holistic Ministry – Meeting physical needs as we address spiritual needs of people. Matthew 25:34-46

2016 Trips


Arad, Romania-Youth Camp

Dates: June 8-16, 2016
Cost: $2,900 per person
Purpose: This team will be leading a youth camp that will be meeting in Austria. The days are hot, but the camp is a sweet time of ministry with youth from Harvest Arad!

Jacmel, Haiti-Teacher Trip

Dates: July, 2016
Cost: $2,500 per person
Purpose: HCA teachers are invited to join this team that will be going to partner with and train up teachers at our three schools in Haiti.

Arad, Romania-Kids Camp

Dates: July 15-24
Cost: $2,800 per person
Purpose: Join this team that will be running  a children’s camp for the kids of Harvest Arad.  Crafts, Games, Teaching, and time in the Word!

Chisinau, Moldova

Dates: August 12-21, 2016
Cost: $2,800 per person
Purpose: This team will be leading a youth camp for young adults 16-24. The days are hot, but the camp is a sweet time of ministry with youth from Harvest Chisinau!


Kathmandu, Nepal-Build Team

Dates: September 14-23, 2016
Cost: $2,700 per person
Purpose: Building Team-Focused on re-building homes for families from our churches in Nepal. Team members should be ready for hard labor, heavy lifting, and high elevations. Skilled labor not a requirement.

Braila, Romania-Outreach Team

Dates: September 23-30, 2016
Cost:$2,500 per person
Purpose: Join the people of Harvest Braila as the minister to the gypsy population in their town, inviting them to be at their church, and to be a part of the body of Christ.

Ploiesti-Children’s Training & Parenting Seminar

Dates: September 25-October 3
Cost: $2,700 per person
Purpose: Train the children’s ministry leaders at Harvest Ploiesti, Romania in best practices for children’s ministry, help organize and prepare the children’s ministry, and host a parenting conference for the members of the church.


Kathmandu, Nepal-Build Team

Dates: November 9-18, 2016
Cost:$2,700 per person
Purpose: Building Team-Focused on re-building homes for families from our churches in Nepal. Team members should be ready for hard labor, heavy lifting, and high elevations. Skilled labor not a requirement.

Dates TBD

Kathmandu, Nepal-Men’s Conference

Dates: October or December
Cost:$2,700 per person
Purpose: Host a 3 day men’s conference to teach and train all the Pastors, Elders, and Key men in the churches of Nepal.

Turks & Caicos Islands-VBS or Children’s Outreach

Dates: Fall
Cost: $2,200 per person
Purpose: Host a VBS or High 5 type event for the children of Harvest TCI. This outreach will be used to draw families to the church.

Chisanau, Moldova-Outreach Team

Dates: October
Cost: $2,500 per person
Purpose: Outreach Team to help the church make connections with their local community!


  • You must be in a Harvest Bible Chapel Small Group.
  • Harvest Bible Chapel must be your church home.
  • You must be 16 or older unless accompanied by a parent.



Can I pick only one?

You may be able to go on more than one trip throughout the year as long as you are able and committed to raise your support.

I’m not sure which trip to go on. What should I do?

If you are able to go on a trip but there are multiple trips that you are considering, apply. During the interview process, we will determine which trip would be best for you (if you are eligible to go).

Can we change the dates of the trip?

Though we have planned these trips as best as we can, we understand that changes may happens. Each of these dates have been discussed and set with each host church. Flights, lodging, and events are now being worked around those dates. The likelihood of the dates changing is very small. We will not change the dates of trips due to a team member’s individual availability.

What happens if a trip does not have enough team members?

We trust the Lord to complete the work He is doing in our churches. Therefore, we will not force a trip to happen if the Lord does not provide people to go. If there are not enough participants on a trip, that trip may either be canceled or postponed to a later date.


What is required for each trip?

Each trip has different requirements based on the type of ministry of the trip. Age requirements, skills needed, pricing and availability are all available on the site.


I’ve never been on a Short-Term Mission trip. Will I get training?

Each team member is required to go through a 4-session Short-Term Mission study with their team that will help train and equip them for the mission at head. Not attending these training sessions will forfeit your opportunity to go. Though experience is great, a willing heart to serve, work with a team and be a tool God can use will aid you greatly.

Costs and Fundraising

What’s included on the cost of the trip?

The cost for each person to go includes the cost of food, lodging, travel (flight and in-country transportation), as well as materials needed for ministry (equipment and food for outreach, materials for training).

Do I have to pay for this trip?

Team members are not required to fund the trip themselves though they are required to provide an initial down payment by the first meeting (usually 10% – see below). Harvest will provide a fund raising tool where teams will raise the funds together. Each team member will be able to email a link to their family and friends to contribute to their trip. All donations are tax deductible and each donor will receive a receipt stating such.

Down Payments

$200 for International Trips
$50 for US Trips

Will I get my down payment back if I decide to cancel going on my trip?

All contributions made (including the down payment by the team member going) are non-refundable.If a team member steps out of the trip, the money raised will go toward the team expenses.

How does a team fund-raise?

Traditionally, mission teams have hand crafted a letter and mailed them to family and friends with hopes to hear back from them. Now, teams will have a web link they can email to help raise their support.Phone calls, letters, and one-on-one follow-up conversations are still ways to help raise support. Above all, teams need to pray. We firmly believe that this is the work of the Lord and He will provide. At the same time, we must be diligent and faithful in communicating our plans.

Why have the costs of the trips changed since it was first announced?

There are set costs and then there are variable costs when budgeting the cost of trips. The number of team leaders, food, and costs of transportation has changed since we first announced trips. We are diligently working to drive down costs of the trips so our church family can go.

What happens if I am not able to raise all of my support?

There will be a timeline put in place from the beginning, and each team member is required to meet the goals set before the team.

What happens if I’ve raised funds but end up not going on the trip?

We understand that things can come up unexpectedly causing a member to cancel their trip. Any funds that were contributed to that member’s name will be moved to the general contribution for the team as a whole.