7.02 Executive Committee

(a)  Purpose. An Executive Committee of the Elder Board has been established to hold the Senior Staff accountable on behalf of the entire Elder Board, and to partner with the Senior Pastor in leading the Elder Board as a whole. It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to:

(i)  serve as the legal authority for the Church
(ii)  lead the Elder Board in the accomplishment of its purposes;
(iii)  achieve Consensus with the Elder Board prior to any modification or removal of any portion of this Church’s Bylaws or Policies; and
(iv)  achieve Consensus with the Elder Board prior to any action beyond the authority granted to the Executive Committee in these Bylaws.

(b)  Authority. The Executive Committee shall have sole authority and responsibility for:

(i)  reviewing and setting compensation of the Church’s Senior Pastor (the Senior Pastor may not participate in the deliberations or approval of the Senior Pastor’s compensation);
(ii)  review and approve compensation for senior Staff;
(iii)  accountability of the Church’s executive Staff, including the Senior Pastor, and conducting an annual review of the senior Staff;
(iv)  reviewing and approving the annual budget prepared by the Finance Committee; and
(v)  making final determinations regarding real property and contractual obligations.

In exercising such authority and responsibility, the Executive Committee shall carry out its decisions in a spirit of unity with the Elder Board, maintaining the highest level of transparency, open communication and accountability to the Elder Board, being subject to any policy that the Executive Committee and the Elder Board may establish governing their relationship; or as otherwise expressly provided by these Bylaws.

—Excerpted from Harvest Bible Chapel Bylaws, November 17, 2015