Harvest Bible Chapel

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Our Elders

The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel are here to serve the Lord by serving our church family.

The Scriptures show that the Elders serve by leading and that their responsibility involves the spiritual oversight of the congregation. All Elders are equal in authority but not necessarily equal in influence.

The Elders’ primary responsibilities include:

Latest Updates

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    The Elder Board met on January 16, 2018. Together, the Elders thanked God for His faithfulness to Harvest in...

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  • Elder Board Consideration | December 2017

    The following men have been nominated to serve on the Elder Board: New Elders: Mike Lankford (RM) Sam Booras...

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Staff Transitions

We are grateful to the Lord for everyone who serves on staff at Harvest. Over 30 years of ministry, we have learned many employment lessons. With more than 400 current staff, building a healthy staff culture is a big challenge. Annually, we see about 10% turnover on average, so we have learned that most people serve with us for a season.

Our personnel commitee partnered with HR and our Elders to help us think through how to communicate these changes more clearly with the congregation. A copy of the Staff Transition Communication Policy is available here.


Staff Transitions

  • James MacDonald

    Senior Pastor and Elder

  • Rick Donald

    Assistant Senior Pastor and Elder

  • Joe Brightwell

    Elder | Attends Rolling Meadows Campus

  • Mike Collett

    Elder | Attends Deerfield Road

  • John Dierker

    Elder | Attends Crystal Lake Campus

  • Ron Duitsman

    Elder | Attends Rolling Meadow

  • Mike Dunwoody

    Elder | Attends Rolling Meadows

  • Anthony Honore

    Elder | Attends Niles Campus

  • Mark Hopwood

    Elder | Attends Elgin Campus

  • Steve Huston

    Elder Board Chairman

  • Paul Inserra

    Elder | Attends Rolling Meadows Campus

  • Jeffrey Kee

    Elder | Attends Niles

  • Dale Kuntz

    Elder | Attends Rolling Meadows

  • Mike Lawson

    Elder | Attends Crystal Lake

  • Ken Mariotti

    Elder | Attends Elgin

  • Dave Martin

    Elder | Attends Elgin Campus

  • Brian Musso

    Elder | Attends Rolling Meadows

  • Cris Nelson

    Elder | Attends Elgin

  • Omar Sepulveda

    Elder | Attends Aurora Campus

  • Jeff Smith

    Church Treasurer / Elder Executive Committee | Attends Deerfield Rd

  • Bill Sperling

    Elder | Attends Rolling Meadows

  • Josh Westerholm

    Elder | Attends Rolling Meadows

  • Randy Williams

    Elder Executive Committee Chairman | Attends Deerfield Rd

  • Mike Lankford

    Elder | Attends Rolling Meadows

  • Pedro Assumpcao

    Elder | Attends Chicago Cathedral

  • Sam Booras

    Elder | Attends Elgin Campus

  • JR Lang

    Elder | Attends Elgin Campus

  • Matt Woodhead

    Elder | Attends Chicago Cathedral

  • Elvin Velez

    Elder | Attends Chicago Cathedral

  • Marcel Olar

    Elder | Attends Niles

  • Steve Stewart

    Elder | Attends Aurora

  • Gil De las Alas

    Elder | Attends Niles

Plurality of Elders

The Scriptures teach that a plurality of Elders governed individual New Testament churches (Acts 14:23; Acts 20:28; Titus 1:5; Philippians 1:1). The Scripture does not mention any congregations featuring a stand-alone pastor and leader. A plurality of godly Elders, exercising their individual giftedness, squares with the Scripture’s teaching that wisdom is found in a multitude of godly counselors (Proverbs 11:14; Proverbs 12:15; Proverbs 15:22; Proverbs 19:20; Proverbs 24:6). This truth does not eliminate the possibility and likelihood that one or more Elders will stand out from the others as more public in their ministries or more influential in their workings on the Elder Board.