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What is Harvest Connect?

Church can seem like it’s a married-person’s sport, but that couldn’t be more wrong. Harvest Connect exists to help the unmarried individuals of our church to get into community with other unmarried people of our church—all to live life to the absolutely fullest potential that Christ has ahead.

Connect Nights

These are monthly gatherings designed to do one thing: community. Roughly an hour and half long, we hear a short, biblical talk on a topic that is relevant to your season of life, get into huddles of small groups to find community and commonality.

Upcoming Connect Nights:

Friday, July 20, Outdoor Movie Night @ Elgin
Saturday, August 11 at the Elgin campus for Summer Revival

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Harvest Connect App

We developed a mobile app called, “Harvest Connect.” If you’re looking for more of an intentional space to meet and connect with new people, this app is for you. After creating your profile, you will be matched with several other people of Harvest who share some of your interests and your season of life.

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RSVP Here for the Next Connect Night:

Friday, July 20 at 7:30 pm
at the Elgin Campus

Join us for a night out on the lawn for an outdoor movie! Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and snacks to share! See you there! Childcare unavailable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harvest Connect for me?
Harvest Connect is for anyone who is unmarried, ages 21 and up. At our Connect Nights you will see people who are widowed, fresh out of college, divorced, single parents, just entering the workforce…people from all walks of life. At each Connect Night, we are split up by general age groupings.

Do I need to go to Connect Nights to use the app?
Though we designed the app and the Connect Nights to be used together to the benefit of your community, you are free to use the app without attending the nights.