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Identify your areas of interest

These questions will identify your primary areas of gifting.

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I enjoy coming alongside others and helping them with their projects.

I find fullfillment in sacrificing myself for the good of others.

Others regularly tell me how much they appreciate my help.

People want to work with me because I am a team player.

I prefer to assist a leader with responsibilities rather than to be a leader myself.

I am content to let others have the spotlight.

I have trouble saying no when someone needs a hand.

If I am not careful, I can burn out because I spend too much time serving.

When people are going through a difficult trial, I offer my assistance.

I am most fulfilled when I have helped someone accomplish a major project or goal.

I am good at getting involved in people's lives and meeting their basic spiritual needs.

I find great in pleasure caring for the spiritual needs of others.

People have said I would make a good Small Group leader.

People regularly tell me their problems and ask me for counsel and prayer.

I would rather interact with a few people intimately than have a large number of superficial relationships.

I am energized by selflessly guiding people through major life issues.

I enjoy building close relationships with people in one-on-one situations.

When I meet a new believer, I feel a responsibility to welcome them into the group and help them get connected.

I agonize over Christians who have wandered from the faith, and I seek to restore them.

Sometimes my family complains that I spend too much time caring for the needs of others.