Harvest Bible Chapel

6 days
21 hrs
16 mins


(Based on the grade they are entering in Fall 2018)

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FLY! (Preschool) 3-5 year olds including those entering Kindergarten in the Fall 2018 (a.m.)
Early learners engage every sense at High Five when they hop on a flight each day for trip around the world to different habitats. Your child will come home tired after working out their little minds, hearts, and bodies all week long. Campers are separated into small squads by age. (Must be three years old by the time High Five starts and potty trained.)

Full day preschoolers will attend Stay & Play or I Can Do It! in the afternoon, those entering kindergarten, can choose from the previous two in addition to Daughter of the King (girls) or JUMP.

STAY & PLAY Preschool & Kindergarten (p.m.)
Full of hands-on activities and experiences, your preschooler will love this elective!   Each day we will expand on the morning habitat and let the kids play and incorporate some of the stuff we didn’t get to in the morning. Join us for all kinds of afternoon fun!
I CAN DO IT Preschool & Kindergarten (p.m.)
Children learn basic life skills in a fun and playful environment. Learn basic dressing skills, gardening, kitchen, grocery shopping and other chores all within the scope of positive, fun play. We can already hear little voices saying “I Can Do It!”

*If your child is entering kindergarten in fall of 2018, see the selections for Daughter of the King and JUMP in the grade school section, your child is eligible for those electives in the p.m. session of High Five.


DAUGHTER OF THE KING Kindergarten-Grades 2 (p.m.) Girls 
If your heart belongs to Jesus, you are a royal princess! This week you will learn how to act like a princess with a few new twists. Be treated to a special surprise every day and learn the true secrets to inner and outer beauty.
JUMP! Kindergarten-Grades 2 (p.m.) 
NEW! Structure and safety, but not too many rules, because on a summer afternoon, sometimes kids just need to jump! Jump! Is new this year to High Five and you will love when we send home your kiddo begging to go to bed early because all afternoon they expended energy in the zone jumping!
TOP CHEF Grades 1-2 (a.m.) | Grades 3-5 (p.m.)
Taste and see that the Lord is good and so is all that He has created. Cook up a variety of delicious recipes in our kitchen as you explore the most important ingredients of life, and learn what it means to feast and share. Every child cooks every day. Space is limited so join us to taste and see!
DANCE Grades 1-5 (a.m.)
Do you love to dance? Because at High Five, we LOVE to dance! Work together to practice new techniques as you bring glory to the Lord through dance. A showcase will be held on Friday afternoon so you can show off your new moves! Dance to the rhythm and move your feet because we are dancing for HIM!
SPORTS & FITNESS Grades 1-2 (a.m.) | Grades 3-5 (p.m.)
Soccer, Kick Ball, Capture the Flag….Lots of competitions, outside, all week, everyday – it’s a new day at High Five’s Sports & Fitness! This year we will have all sorts of fun sports events, different each day. We’ll have extreme sports competitions and excitement everyday!
OUR NATIONS HEROS Grades 1-5 (a.m.) 
Would you like to know how to be there for people who need help, what it means to “serve” your community, and what it means to be a “hero”? This elective will be a first responders academy which will include learning about police, fire and paramedic tactics. Learn how to be counted upon when the going gets tough.
LEGO BUILDERS Grades 1-5 (a.m.)
Calling all master builders…have a lego party every day! What will YOU build this year? Daily challenges and projects will keep you busy building with legos 110 minutes a day.
CRAFTS & STUFF Grades 1-2 (a.m.)
If you love to create with unusual things, including recyclable items, then this elective is for you. You’ll love it because it’s crafty fun all morning long and you are guaranteed to get a little messy. Let you inner craft star shine!                         
SEW IT Grades 3-5 (a.m.)
Learn and practice how to use a sewing machine while creating brand new projects that only you will get to use and wear. It’s a life-long skill that you will learn in just one week. Ladies, this elective is SEW YOU!
CODE WRITERS Grades 3-5 (a.m.) All those signed up for Code Writers must plan to bring their own lap top with them to elective.
For those who love writing code, you won’t copy this from a book…but actually write your own real code for two hours every day. Also, you will learn safety measures to protect yourself while working online.
OUTDOOR SURVIVAL Grades 3-5 (a.m.) | Grades 1-2 (p.m.)
Outdoor enthusiasts…this is for you! Get ready to get dirty and learn the survival skills needed to live in the wild! Outdoor essentials will be taught and experienced.   Learn how to filter water, start a fire, build shelter and so much more.  
CAKE BOSS Grades 3-5 (a.m.)
Let them eat cake! Come learn the skills of decorating cakes. Day one you will learn the skills and days 2-5 you will put them into practice. This elective is creative, competitive and team building – Join us and be a CAKE BOSS!
CREATE Grades 3-5 (a.m.) | Grades 1-2 (p.m.) 
Do you like science and learning about God’s creation? This elective talks about lightness, darkness, water, land, creatures and man. Along the way, we will be getting our hands dirty doing experiments and making projects related to the six days of creation.
CENTER STAGE Grades 1-5 (p.m.)
Do you dance around the house, sing in the shower, love acting out stories? Then this elective is for you. You will develop a character, learn choreography and learn techniques that professional singers use all while putting on a short musical. Come be a star on the stage and use the gifts that God has given you.
MACHINES & MAZES Grades 1-2 (p.m.)
Here’s your chance to build a maze/machine using dominos, ping pong balls, popcicle sticks, tracks, marbles and more. Don’t miss out on this new elective at High Five!
GAME MASTERS Grades 3-5 (p.m.)
If you love board games, card games and games of logic then this elective is for you! Use mental strength to compete in super fun games that are just a little bit risky. Will you be able to do it? Will you finish as champion? Come build skills and have some fun.
SISTERHOOD Grades 3-5 (p.m.)
Sisterhood is for girls who are growing up and becoming young ladies. Every day there will be a super fun theme. There will be teaching about how-to’s, tips, skills and must-knows for things like: babysitting, phone-etiquette, hair-styling, modesty, fashion, manners and all sorts of things that will help ladies honor the Lord! Bonus – you will find sisterhood with the other girls!
MAKE IT YOURSELF Grades 3-5 (p.m.)
If you like making things, anything, you will love Make It Yourself! You don’t have to buy it, you can make it yourself! Let’s do the hard projects and feel a sense of accomplishment and add to our skill set. Come and learn to Make it Yourself!
Learn how to use lego and other small objects to make stop motion movies. Get tips on taking great pictures with different types of cameras and lens. Spend all week learning these two mediums and have fun along the way.