Dear Harvest Family,

We are thankful to report that a new bank account has been opened and all giving is now being deposited into this account. At the beginning of 2019, our projected weekly contributions were $480,000. As we’ve continued to manage our budget, our current weekly projection is now $360,000 (includes operating expenses and mortgages). That means our budget for April through December will amount to $14,040,000. Here is the breakdown of that budget.

April-December 2019 Budget
Compensation and benefits $7,004,167
Mortgage                                 $2,673,539
Facilities                                  $1,597,923
Ministry Expenses                 $1,075,595
Utilities                                    $787,225
Technology                              $601,776
Office and Administrative    $236,925
Staff Development                 $62,850

Both Act Like Men Palooza Unplugged and Much More Experience will be cost neutral in 2019. We have built budgets that pay for the cost of the events fully from registration. One of the ways you can help us keep that commitment is by registering early in order for us to have the necessary information to build a cost-neutral budget.

Tomorrow you will receive our update on the Closer Campaign. After Easter, we will be updating you on the progress of our financial review, reconciliation efforts, and the investigation of Paxton Singer.

The Church Leadership Team