Dear Harvest Bible Chapel Family:

On Tuesday evening, the Elder board met and made significant decisions that we believe are crucial in helping Harvest move forward in the days and weeks ahead.

As many of you know, the Elder board was made up of over 30 men with a few of those men serving on the Executive Committee of the elders. The size of the Elder board was too large to effectively and efficiently lead, make timely decisions, and communicate to the church.

Therefore, the decision was made by consensus of the 30+ member board to reduce this board to 9 members who will serve in an interim basis while we transition to a new board. The interim Elder board is comprised of the following members:

  • Sam Booras
  • Gil De las Alas
  • Tod Desmarais
  • John Dierker
  • Dan George
  • Steve Huston
  • Dale Kuntz
  • Jeff Smith
  • Bill Sperling

Of the 9 members, 4 were previously part of the Executive Committee. To maintain our accreditation with both the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) and the ECCU (Evangelical Christian Credit Union) our mortgage lender, the interim Elder board must retain its officers (our former Executive Committee members) until qualified replacements can be transitioned.

All members of the interim Elder board have agreed to resign by year-end, and new elders will be transitioned in an orderly manner. Aside from one former Executive Committee member who only served on that team for a few days, the former Executive Committee members will transition off the board first, within the next few months, and the remaining members will transition before year-end.

This new interim Elder board will no longer be a two-tiered board; meaning there will not be a smaller group of Executive Committee elders within the larger group of elders.

The charter of the interim Elder board is to:

  • Lead Harvest Bible Chapel in a Christ-honoring way with integrity, honesty, transparency, and love.
  • Support the Harvest 2020 Team and staff as they provide strategic plans for rebuilding a healthy, stable church.
  • Facilitate the board selection process for the replacement of the interim Elder board with a brand-new Elder board.

Please continue to lift up our church in prayer.

– The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel