As 2018 comes to a close, we want our church family to know of our thankfulness for the past, our focus in the present, and our enthusiasm for the future.

We often hear our leaders talk about the work that was needed (and in some cases continues) to help our church mature into its size. Some of the pain associated with historic construction mis-steps, employment inexperience, and an over-reliance on truth in relationships continues to this day. We are thankful for the leaders who have chosen to stay the course, glean the lessons, and continue to endure. In any organizational or personal shortcomings, we observe in these leaders a healthy pattern of quick acknowledgement and improvement as needed.

We believe the divisive nature of outside efforts to discredit Harvest Bible Chapel is obvious to most, but confusing to others. We trust our leaders to make godly decisions that will take us forward. We are not side-tracked, the ministry in front of us has our full attention.

We are pushing into 2019 enthusiastic about increased ‘Witness’ and growth in ‘Unconditional Love.’ We are strong together and are committed to stay the course. Pastor James and our Elders have our full support.

The Pastors and Joint Leadership Team of Harvest Bible Chapel, Chicago
Jennifer Abbatacola
Jason Acres
Daniel Adams
Kelly Altieri
Kraig Anderson
Carl Barkow
Talbott Behnken
Jon Bell
Diane Birkenstock
Bryan Bradshaw
Greg Bradshaw
Jon Collado
Tommy Creutz
Jordan Donald
Rick Donald
Jeff Donaldson
Dave Eichmann
Ben France
Jake France
Beth Freeman
Jake Fritze
Brit Gilman
Heath Hatmaker
Eddie Hoagland
Brian Holt
Sharon Kostal
Dave Learned
Philip Mathew
Scott Milholland
Shelby Naugle
Joe Nelson
Nicole Nieves
Chris Nudo
Ed Ollie
Christy Patel
Dave Pearson
Sarah Portz
Andi Rozier
Mike Ruge
Todd Rukes
Lynda Schlecht
Laura Schroeder
Jeff Sharda
John Smith
Kyle Smith
Noah Soistmann
Craig Steiner
Stephen Stewart
Dan Sumpter
Trei Tatum
Lynne Tellschow
Jeff Thompson
Jake Van Gilse
Michael Vanlaningham
Laura Weigle
Bill Williams
Clayton York
Bob Young
Mohan Zachariah