To Ron Duitsman, Elder Board Chairman:

We, the Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel, express our appreciation and unconditional support for our Senior Pastor, James MacDonald.

Pastor James has led our church in an exemplary manner. He has modeled humility, courage and generosity. Pastor James is quick to forgive and to seek forgiveness. He welcomes accountability into his life. We are grateful that he invites dissenting viewpoints into Elder decision making processes. We regularly witness how he extends grace to those who have fallen or even those who have betrayed him. Because of Pastor James, each of us are better men, husbands and fathers, and more devoted followers of Jesus.

As we stand at the forefront of the Closer campaign, which will expand the ministry of our church into the next generation, we unequivocally support our Senior Pastor. We thank him, Kathy, and their family for working tirelessly, sacrificing so much, never giving up, and always fighting for our church and for the gospel. We stand with Pastor James and count it a privilege to serve alongside of him as a fellow Elder.


Pedro Assumpção
Sam Booras
Joe Brightwell
Jim Clegg
Gil de las Alas
Tod Desmarais
John Dierker

Rick Donald
Ron Duitsman
Mike Dunwoody
Mark Fisk
Ron Frahler

Dan George
Jamie Harrison
Ernie Holton
Anthony Honore

Mark Hopwood
Steve Huston
Paul Inserra
Robert Jones
Jeffrey Kee
Dale Kuntz
JR Lang
Mike Lankford
Mike Lawson
Dave Martin
Marcel Olar

Jay Patel
Omar Sepulveda

Jeff Smith
Bill Sperling
Stephen Stewart
Elvin Velez
Bill Williams

Matt Woodhead

[Note: additional names will be added as received; employment in some regulated industries precludes any signing of public statements.]