The elders met on Tuesday, November 13.

In The News
The elders appreciate the staff’s leadership in communicating pro-actively to the congregation about recent events. We have added an  ‘In The News’ section to which gives latitude to communicate urgent matters (handled by XLT/EC) to the congregation with more speed than the monthly meeting cycle sometimes allows. While as of November 16, we have no additional updates to what was communicated to the congregation on October 23, we may direct your attention to an interim update as the need arises.

Elder Nominations
As we prepare for annual elder rotation, the following men have been nominated to serve on the Elder Board.

These men have been vetted by the Nominating Committee and have completed an extensive application and interview process. In keeping with the spirit of Matthew 18, we ask the congregation to inform us of any unknown issues, which if ignored, could hinder their fruitful service to Christ.

New Elders
Fred Ananais, Naples
Jay Patel, Aurora
Scott Stonebreaker, Naples

Returning Elders
Tod Desmarais, Deerfield Road
Dan George, Rolling Meadows
Robert Jones, Chicago Cathedral

Closer Campaign
The upcoming weekend services December 1-2 are very important. The culmination of the CLOSER campaign arrives with high anticipation over the fruit that will be borne through the 4-part pledge. The opportunity before our church to uniquely steward our time/talent/treasure/testimony promises great kingdom fruit. The elders and staff leadership have already made their pledges and are prayerfully inviting the entire congregation to join in December 1-2. More details are available at

The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel