Welcome to the Living Word Choir sign-up page!

The Living Word Choir is comprised of singers from across all of our Harvest Campuses. We’re looking for those who are gifted and passionate about singing to come together for some special times of worship and praise. We aim to stretch and challenge those involved vocally by the music selected and, because it’s members stem from all of our campuses, we will have a limited schedule.

Please fill-in the information below to book your audition.

Below are a list of songs to be used for the audition. Come in prepared already knowing the material and ready to sing. You will be singing in both a group and individually.

Audition Songs
“Spirit Of The Living God” by Vertical Worship – Female Song – individual – Verse, Chorus and Bridge
“Lamb Of God” by Vertical Worship – Male Song – individual – Verse, Chorus and Bridge
“Lord, You are Good” by Israel Houghton – Group sing – know the song – We will be swaying, singing, clapping and harmonizing.

Some of the things we will be looking for include:
1. Range
2. Pitch
3. Tone
4. Ability to harmonize
5. Ability to move and sing (sway, clap and sing)
6. Ability to blend with others

Once you book your audition you will receive a confirmation email with the time and campus for audition. If you do not get an email after signing up please email jcollado@harvestbible.org.