The Elders met on Tuesday, March 13, in Rolling Meadows.

The Elders heard reports from the executive staff team (XLT) on a variety of initiatives – of particular note, the Much More event and the Act Like Men movement. Much More’s second year saw it grow to reaching more than 3000 women. This fall, Much More will add discipleship nights similar to Act Like Men to expand the impact. As Act Like Men Palooza moves towards its third year, its influence is increasing. Last Sunday, more than 200 leaders from other churches came to Rolling Meadows for an event called “Reaching More Men.”

In addition to ministry updates, there was an update on financials through February, the status of the annual audit in progress, an update on financial policies, and initial plans for a fall capital campaign laid out.

The Elders took extended time for prayer throughout the meeting, including for three Elders currently experiencing significant health challenges.

As technology evolves, our teams strive to make sure our policies are current. A thorough update of our Student Ministry Staff Communication Policy was presented. Adherence to this policy allows our youth staff to maximize all channels to engage and minister to students in safe, healthy, and appropriate ways.

Upcoming Ministry Emphasis
The Elders are encouraging our entire congregation to participate in this coming weekend’s Solemn Assembly. The preparation, fasting, and 24-hour prayer times are designed to lead us toward a spiritually impactful time.

In addition, four prayer meetings are scheduled to help prepare the way for Good Friday and Easter services at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates. Please join us to consecrate the facility for the heralding of the gospel, and to pray for all who will hear and glorify the Lord in response.

• Thursday, March 29 • 7-9PM at the Sears Centre
• Friday, March 30 • 12-1PM at the Sears Centre
• Saturday, March 31 • 7:30-8:30PM at the Sears Centre
• Sunday, April 1 • 7-8AM at the Sears Centre

With gratitude and expectation,
The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel