The full Elder Board met on February 20, 2018.

  • Pastor James opened the meeting with a devotional from Matthew 18. This passage has great relevance for Elders and church leaders, so it’s critical that it is well understood and applied. He reminded us of the lengths we must go to resolve issues and the care we must undertake to avoid spreading offense — the end goal always being unity and reconciliation.
  • The Elders welcomed, with anticipation, the nine new men joining or re-joining the Board. Each shared their broad background, experience, ages, and home campuses, and their freshness of perspective was immediately observed.
  • The Elders approved a staff plan for a series of “Family Meetings” this spring. These meetings are to include congregational meeting elements and celebrate God at work, while welcoming congregational feedback and providing an opportunity for future vision casting. All members will be encouraged to attend, particularly leaders. More details to come soon.

       4.06 – Cathedral
       4.12 – Elgin
       4.19 – Aurora
       4.26 – Rolling Meadows
       5.10 – Crystal Lake
       5.18 – Niles
       5.20 – Deerfield Road

  • The Executive Committee (EC) and the Elder Board requested that the staff Executive Leadership Team (XLT) bring a proposal in March detailing potential partnership with a new church-planting group, Vertical Church Network, created by Harvest Bible Chapel Winston-Salem, which has extended an invitation to our church to join them. The EC is warm to the idea, but is asking for a fuller picture on this partnership and specifics on our broader church-planting strategy going forward before a decision is made.
  • Randy Williams and Pastor James brought their “Lessons Learned in 2017” report to the Board. They challenged the Elders to take care to observe and resolve non-alignment among leaders at the earliest possible time, since non-alignment issues grow if neglected, and become more personal. The earlier we can see, involve other leaders, and direct our efforts towards resolution, the less we put at risk the broader health of our church family. The Elders expressed their appreciation for the completion of this task, the humility involved, and the clarity it provided. Actions to implement these lessons are ongoing.
  • Among many ministry updates, the Elders stopped to pray with thanks for the immense outpouring of God’s Spirit on three 2017-2018 Student Ministry winter retreats, and for the renewed emphasis on short-term missions through Mission Harvest. Eighteen missions trips are scheduled in 2018 to Harvest churches in Romania, St. Vincent Island, and Turks & Caicos Islands.

As we approach the Easter season, in keeping with what we’ve heard from the pulpit this past weekend, the Elders encourage our whole church to pursue personal holiness and a revival in heart in the days between now and Good Friday.

The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel

(Not pictured: Mike Collette, David Martin, Brian Musso, Steve Stewart, and Matt Woodhead.)