The Elder Board met on January 16, 2018.

  • Together, the Elders thanked God for His faithfulness to Harvest in December. Reviewing the strong year-end in terms of ministry impact, attendance, and giving was an encouragement for all, and a great reflection of “the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3) across our church.
  • The new slate of 9 Elder candidates was approved and accepted to the Elder Board. They bring full participation as Elders starting February 1. (Note, all 10 candidates presented to the congregation were qualified, but one needed to withdraw due to unforeseen work conflicts that prevent him from serving at this time.)
  • The Elders approved the 2018 budget, at a need of $510,000 per week. Bill Sperling, on behalf of the Finance Committee, walked through the process that was undertaken to arrive at the budget. We thanked CFO Jeff Sharda and his team for leading well through this process.
  • The Elders also approved a new staff transition communication policy. In response to a desire expressed in congregational meetings and among our staff, this policy brings a consistent protocol for informing the congregation of staff transitions. The plan was developed by the Personnel Committee, reviewed by the Executive Committee (EC) at their January meeting, then presented to the full Elder Board for approval. See the Staff Transitions page for updates.
  • The Elders continue a heightened focus on their responsibility to take actions that protect our church. Specific discussions this month centered on a staff member no longer employed and a former Elder no longer attending the church. If you observe conduct that is detrimental to the ministry of our church, please report it to our Elders at
  • The Elders continued a discussion they began in November on child safety. We are pleased by the extensive work done by the Children/Student Ministries and the security team in background checks, conformity to process, and pro-active communication. The Elders reaffirmed the need for all mandatory reporting to be done exactly as required and mandatory security training for all volunteers to continue.
  • In addition, we discussed the evident increasing momentum surrounding Vertical Worship. As this gifted team is invited to places or to minister with people who don’t completely align with Harvest theologically, the Elders affirmed these as opportunities to teach and share what we have all been learning about vertical worship from a biblical perspective.

Pastor James and Randy Williams have almost completed their ‘lessons learned in 2017′ project, promised in last month’s Elder Update. They will be presenting it in the February meeting, which allows for all the newly joined Elders’ presence in the meeting.

The Elders look forward to Pastor James’ return to the pulpit next weekend (January 27-28) and his new series, Gamechangers: 7 Scriptures that Shatter Strongholds. We are grateful to the Lord and prayerful that our 30th year might be the most fruitful in our church’s history.

The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel