Since our November meetings, the Elders have continued with committee work and other efforts behind the scenes. Our annual Christmas party this past Tuesday was well attended, including our wives and several from the roster of Elders not currently serving on the board.*

1. In accordance with our Bylaws, a number of our Elders have completed the maximum two terms and are now rotating off the board. At the Christmas party, Elder Chairman Steve Huston and Pastor Rick commended their faithful service and contributions. Jim Clegg, Mark Fisk, Ron Frahler, Jamie Harrison, Ernie Holton, Robert Jones, and Tod Desmarais have all served with distinction – there was some good natured teasing about these men receiving only the Bylaws’ mandated one-year rest off the Elder Board.

Final interviews are in process with the eight candidates who are nominated to begin serving in 2018. We anticipate posting their names before the congregation later in December.

2. Of special mention is Robert Jones. He is to be commended for his twelve years on the Elder Board and past three years on the Executive Committee (EC). In the November Elder meeting, the Board unanimously approved Ron Duitsman (RM Campus) to fill Robert’s place on the Executive Committee.

3. Pastor James and Randy Williams were asked by the EC to research together and write a document memorializing the lessons learned by our leadership in 2017, related to the dissolution of our governance of Harvest Bible Fellowship. The development of this document was reported to the Elder Board in our November meeting and promised again while together this week. Once approved by the entire EC, they will present their document to the full Elder Board for review and discussion at the January meeting.

4. At the Christmas party, Pastor Luke MacDonald and Pastor Trei Tatum presented some highlights from the ministry in 2017, as shown below. The Elders were united in thanks and want to encourage the congregation towards the same.

5. Please be in prayer for our Pastors as they welcome Pastor Cristian Barbosa (Romania) and Pastor Al Blake (Caribbean) to Chicago for a training event on December 12-13. The focus is on teaching our Pastors best practices in coaching, particularly with international church planters. Our Campus Pastors will be joined by about a dozen Harvest Bible Chapel Senior Pastors who have been invited to participate in this training.

We want to help those in our church who are interested in receiving updates on the initiatives with Mission Harvest. A newsletter is in development towards this end, which you can receive by clicking here.

Finally, the Elders desire to express our appreciation for the many men, women, and young people who serve our body steadfastly. We have the privilege of seeing how God is at work in our church as a whole – but our greatest joy is seeing individual people come to Christ and grow in their walk with Him. Thank you for all you do to advance the Kingdom at Harvest Bible Chapel.

Merry Christmas!
The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel

*Elders not currently serving on the board maintain Elder status and serve their campus in Elder functions. In support of that priority, they are also invited to attend seasonal celebrations and occasional training events.