Elders Dec 2016
Harvest Bible Chapel Elders; not all Elders pictured.

Finalizing our Bylaws‒we are pleased to report that the Bylaws are officially adopted. We are extremely grateful for the input from the congregation, and we incorporated feedback we received and revised some sections that were unclear. Thank you to all for your encouraging comments and prayers.

  • Performing a smooth rotation of Elders with six men rotating off the board and five men rotating on. This is becoming a routine process for us as we seek to expose Eldership to more and more men over time. Please join us in thanking Paul Inserra, Stan Ueland, Marcel Olar, Steve Stewart, Bill Williams, and Dan George for their service and contribution to our church. Though they are not attending regular Board meetings they are still elders in their ability to minister to our congregation. Starting in January we welcomed Mike Collett (Deerfield Campus), Jeffrey Kee (Niles), Dale Kuntz (Rolling Meadows), Cris Nelson (Elgin), and Steve Ritzema (Chicago Cathedral) to our board.
  • We performed our annual reviews for those in the Senior Pastor office‒we are pleased to share how much we appreciate and value Pastor James in the way he leads and shepherds our church. We also evaluated Pastor Scott Milholland as part of this process. We are truly blessed by the organizational leadership that he has applied in the past year. Please join us in our thankfulness for these godly men who lead us so faithfully.
  • We also reviewed and approved the annual budget. In doing so we not only approve the budget proper but we review the budget creation process as well. We will perform our annual audit in March and anticipate an excellent review. Again, we have much to be thankful for, knowing the quality and caliber of the finance committee, the accounting staff, and the assurances of the financial integrity of the organization. We express our deep appreciation to Fred Adams and his staff for the level of stewardship they provide our church.
  • As a board we are evaluating and discussing the use of teams on our board that would focus on specific areas. The aim is to have men on our board dig a little deeper in various areas and provide reports to the full board on a periodic basis. This would help us better shoulder the breadth of complexity of Harvest Bible Chapel and allow us to invest in key areas as needed. We will provide more details as we are able, but for now please keep us in your prayers as we seek the best way to execute this initiative.

The entire Elder board thanks you for your continued faithfulness and prayers. We truly sense God at work during our meetings and in our entire church. We frequently pause our meetings to take matters to the Lord in prayer or to offer our thanks as we see how God has moved to meet a need or open a new opportunity for ministry. We hope you sense our joy in serving our church as Elders.

Steve Huston, on behalf of the entire Elder board of Harvest Bible Chapel