Stewardship Series

Stewardship Series consists of one-hour gatherings with peers to discuss specific stewardship topics relevant to you in your life stage. Come hear from Harvest staff, leaders, and friends as they facilitate conversation.


“The Stewardship coffee talks have been both enlightening and faith driven. Coffee talks were a safe place that allowed my husband and I to gain insight on how to be faithful stewards of our time, talents, and treasures. We already put our learning experience into practice. We will keep these lessons with us forever. I hope and pray there are many more of these to come.” – Summer Pearson, Coffee Talk Attendee

“Prevention is cure. If we empower young people as managers over everything that God has entrusted to them, we will help them navigate big life choices (e.g. going to college, taking on debt, spending time wisely, etc.). This will be fruitful for themselves and the Church decades to come!”  – Lauren France, Coffee Talk Leader

NextGen Stewardship (18-35 years)

Idol/Idle Time: Finding balance in the busy
Put It On My Tab: Making credit cards and budgets works for you
Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems: Putting your money where your marriage is.
Breaking Up With Sallie Mae: Ending your relationship with college debt.
Getting Off the Parental Payroll: Successfully launching into adulting.
You Do You: Using your talents to serve with passion.
Makers Gonna Make: Becoming a multiplication master.

NextStage Stewardship (55+ years of age)

Hear from expert church members on keys to estate planning, understanding medicare, and basics of social security.

God at Work Dinners

God at Work dinners inspire increased awareness of God at Work among each Harvest campus. A great opportunity to hear updates from church leaders. Limited seating is available.


“I had the privilege of stepping outside my usual Harvest duties and serving alongside some incredible volunteers in Elgin and Aurora for the God at Work dinners. I was blown away by the ownership and excellence that each volunteer brought to these events – every detail was done with intention. It made my own heart so much more eager to serve our church and honor the Lord with my time.” – Kelley Smith, God at Work Volunteer

“The stewardship dinner that we hosted at our campus was an opportunity for the most committed members of our church to see firsthand the way God is working through our ministries. I was so encouraged by reports from almost every area of ministry in our church. I heard so many reports from people who were blessed to know the reach of our church ministries.” – Pastor Mo, Niles Campus Pastor

Do you enjoy serving in hospitality? Email [email protected] to volunteer at a dinner!