How I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ
In the Spring of 2004, a college teammate who was a Christian continually shared his faith me and the others on our team. I thought I was a decent person, since I hadn’t stolen anything of significant value or murdered anyone (later, I also learned that God’s grace was sufficient enough to forgive a thief and a murderer). After eight months of hearing this teammate share the Gospel and love me despite my actions, I came to embrace that I was a sinner and that Christ was the only one who could provide me the way to be right before God.

How I came to Harvest
I worked with churches in the city of Chicago and Charlotte, NC for a few years where I provided counseling and training. God began to call me and my family to ministry with one local church. I knew Harvest had an extensive counseling model called Biblical Soul Care and was privileged to join the BSC team in October 2016.

What I do at Harvest
I serve as Associate Pastor of Biblical Soul Care over Harvest’s West campuses

Why I do what I do at Harvest
I have a passion for seeing the broken be put back together and used by God.

At Harvest since October 2016
Previous work:
Heart Song Counseling
Favorite verses:
Revelation 19-22
Married to Caroline since August 10, 2013