We are grateful to the Lord for everyone who serves on staff at Harvest. Over 30 years of ministry, we have learned many employment lessons. With more than 400 current staff, building a healthy staff culture is a big challenge. Annually, we see about 10% turnover on average, so we have learned that most people serve with us for a season.

Our Personnel Committee partnered with HR and our Elders to help us think through how to communicate these changes more clearly with the congregation. A copy of the Staff Transition Communication Policy is available here.

Tammy Kelley

As of June 1, 2018 Tammy has transitioned to a part time role working 1-2 days a week as needed. Tammy has been on staff since July 2017. Recently she has served in the role of Director of Mission Harvest. She has also played a role in getting the Vertical Church Network up and running. Since then, the need for her work has lessened and at the same time she was approached by Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to be the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and has accepted the position. She has offered her services and will continue in a part time role to help with the Harvest church planting initiatives.

Resignation Letter

R. T. Maldaner

As of January 31, 2018, R. T. Maldaner will have completed his 2.5 year tenure on staff at Harvest in various campus ministry roles, most recently as Campus Pastor of Connections on the Elgin Campus. Over the course of time, the Executive Leadership Team and R.T. agreed that his passions and convictions about theology (reformed), staff management, and other matters make his continuance on staff less than best for him and for Harvest. With the mutual sense that the Lord is leading R.T. to pursue other ministry opportunities, we are grateful for the grace he is showing in embracing this transition and his shepherding abilities will be missed. We wish R.T. and his wife Sarah God’s best in a ministry assignment more aligned with his views.

Resignation Letter

Fred Adams

As of December 31, 2017, Fred Adams completed his 13-year tenure on staff at Harvest as Executive Business Pastor and CFO. Fred’s staff ministry at Harvest began during the construction of our Elgin worship center. Since that time, he faithfully and effectively managed our finances, kept us on budget and underspent, strengthened the Finance Committee, gained ECFA status for all our ministries, and secured the gifts of our Chicago Cathedral and TV studio in Aurora (sold when we moved to the current Aurora Campus). Fred is now pursuing his passion to serve the Lord through his ministry, financial, and acquisition experience with the founding of Church Building Ministry, and is helping growing evangelical churches with the process of expanding their facilities. He and his wife Cheryl will continue to be part of our church family going forward. We are grateful for his years of faithful service.

Resignation Letter

Dallas Jenkins

As of December 31, 2017, Dallas Jenkins completed his 7-year tenure on staff at Harvest, serving in various roles overseeing production and media, most recently as Executive Director of Vertical Church Films. Dallas’ passion to communicate the gospel through filmmaking and video have brought far-reaching impact across our campuses and church plants. After Gavin Stone movie release and Harvest Bible Fellowship transition, Dallas didn’t see potential funding or a staff role that made staying at Harvest sensible for him. Dallas is pursuing a new venture in sharing the life of Christ through film, and his wife Amanda and their children remain in the Chicagoland area. We pray for God’s favor upon their lives and future endeavors. 

Resignation Letter

Garrett Higbee

As of July 31, 2017, Garrett Higbee completed his 8-year tenure on staff at Harvest as Executive Director of Biblical Soul Care (BSC). Garrett’s work to establish our biblical counseling ministry has been invaluable, and he has contributed greatly toward the overall health of our organization in a lasting way. From the outset, his intention was to launch the BSC model, then turn his gifts toward replication. To that end, he has returned to lead the Twelve Stones Ministry in Indiana, which he founded, and will continue developing BSC ministries with likeminded churches. He and his wife Tammy have relocated with their family to the central Indiana area. We thank the Lord for the important role he has served within our ministry.

Resignation Letter

Kent Shaw

As of May 31, 2017, Kent Shaw completed his 13-year tenure on staff at Harvest as an Elder and Executive Director of Harvest Bible Fellowship. Kent’s faithfulness to the Lord, His Word, and this church have been very significant for the countless people he ministered to personally, as well as through his dedication to planting vertical churches. Kent and his wife Nancy have relocated to the Denver, Colorado area, where he oversees church planting and development for Harvest Bible Chapel Denver. We remain deeply grateful for Kent’s work and his shepherd’s heart throughout his years of ministry here.

Resignation Letter

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