Harvest Bible Chapel

Safe Families

Safe Families is an all-volunteer ministry where Host Families who have gone through a brief training and background check take in children temporarily while their family is in need of help. This enables the birth parent to handle various challenges facing them without the added difficulty of caring for their children for a temporary time. Host Families are assigned a Safe Families Case Coach to work with who is their advocate, performs regular visits and can help answer questions and address situations.

Additionally, teams of volunteers within our Harvest ministry surround the Host Family and offer support in a variety of ways.

Host Families Team »
Do you have a heart to open your home to a child in need? This could be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! After filling out a basic application, you will submit to background checks, fingerprinting and an approval process that takes approximately 4-6 weeks. There is some basic training – much of it online, and occasionally Safe Families will be offering LIVE training events to speed the process along. After you’ve been approved – you’re ready to go! This is a high impact role, where much of the nurturing and mentoring of these children takes place. But you’re not in it alone – because we are praying that many people are also drawn to become part of our Support Network Team.
Support Network Team »
Nearly anyone can be part of the Support Network– it requires no training or approval process – if you have a heart to help others, you’re just perfect for this role! This team consists of people who desire to come alongside of the Host Families and offer support where they can. How? By giving of their time and talents ~ You can commit as much or as little time as you have – for babysitting, meal making, driving, helping a school aged child with homework, being part of the Prayer team, helping organize the Safe Family Closet, offering to be a Mother’s Helper – the list is endless and can be tailored to what fits your availability and gifts. There are further Support Roles though – and those are found in our Skilled Resources Team.
Skilled Resource Team »
Do you have a skill that you are willing to share? Hair Stylists who can cut hair, Doctors and nurses who can check for ear infections or minor issues for children who have very few resources, dental care, tutoring – these skills are just a few that can be such an enormous help to under-resourced kids and lift some of the burden from the Host Families to provide for when needed.
Birth Parent Mentoring Team »
To complete the circle, this is a team of people willing to become involved in the birth parent’s life. They would come alongside and help mentor and train, pray with and for the birth parent, sharing the love of Christ with the hopes that when they are re-united, the parent feels more equipped to parent in a healthy biblical way, and have some additional support to turn to if future issues occur.

Harvest is excited to be involved in the Safe Family program, offering hope to struggling parents in a time of crisis and showing the heart of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. We believe our Safe Families ministry is best when four teams work together, creating the bond of a strong community and helping bear each others burdens.

For questions and information about joining one of our ministry teams please contact Michelle at: msilberfine@harvestbiblechapel.org.