The Harvest Training Center (HTC) equips pastors with a passion to plant churches to become Senior Pastors of Vertical Churches. Our faculty/teachers are front line ministry practitioners who instruct and instill Harvest DNA, sharpen preaching, strengthen leadership, and teach how to successfully launch a Vertical Church. The experience at HTC builds on seminary education and provides both classroom and hands-on ministry opportunities–serving in the trenches shoulder-to-shoulder with Harvest staff. In addition, there are unique opportunities to build deep relationships and lasting friendships with the other HTC students. Nothing beats learning in the context of authentic biblical community.

Our training is a four-month residential intensive that takes place in the fall of each year at the Elgin campus of Harvest Bible Chapel. HTC is highly specialized. In order to maximize the amount of personal attention each resident receives, we admit only a select number of qualified men.

The Harvest Training Center is a full-time paid residency. We provide housing for your family, a modest living stipend, and cover the educational cost of your child’s enrollment at Harvest Christian Academy. Even so, we ask our residents to raise a portion of their own support as a way of demonstrating their commitment to church planting and as an exercise in fundraising.

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