Harvest Bible Chapel

4 days
5 hrs
35 mins

God at Work

Tony Easley (April 2018)

“With the knowledge, I do have of ALS, is that your life is over… When you’re in a fog and you can’t see anything, don’t take a step without Him.”–Tony Easley

Tony Chan (February 2018)

“It doesn’t matter how you were coming to church that day, it’s how I wanted to leave, and it felt like I wanted to leave changed.” –Tony Chan

Becky Britcha (January 2018)

“I just broke down. That was the first time that I really took accountability for all the things I was doing wrong.

Nisu Patel (December 2017)

“… I was a hardcore atheist. I was the guy trying to disprove God… and now there’s nothing that could shake my belief in God’s Word.”

Brandon and Amanda Pratt (November 2017)

It’s so awesome to see someone who wouldn’t even listen to Christian music, now worshiping Him with his whole heart on stage.”

Craig and Marguerite Pettite (October 2017)

“God moved so quickly upon my heart that the restoration of our marriage was almost instantaneous…”

Brian Lofton (September 2017)

“I was waiting for some special moment to happen before I would accept Christ… but that moment was the accepting of Christ…

Freddy Cruz (March 2017)

“I just didn’t know any other way… I knew change had to happen because what I’d been doing was not working… I was so ready to surrender.”

Mike and Missy Fischer (February 2017)

“I started feeling a presence I’ve literally never felt… I didn’t realize that that’s for real… This is grace because I didn’t do anything to deserve this.”

Tiash Milazzo (July 2017)

“I don’t have to live every single day of my life in grief… the old is passing away… I’m becoming new.”


Brian and Jody Wega (May 2017)

“I wanted to know why 98 of those kids made it, and mine didn’t… You can see the smile on my face now… He knew my story all along.”

Joven and Chandra Credenza (October 2016)

“I thought that I had the relationship but I never truly understood what personal meant. He was just there the whole time in front of me but I never truly embraced Him.”

Kurt and Elizabeth Fenzel (September 2016)

“I was so out of tune with what she needed… We knew that our finances were a mess… Getting in a small group is one of the things that changed our marriage the most.”