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Uncommon Community: Biblical Soul Care in Small Groups (4-Part DVD Series)

As Christians, we are a community of disciples. Scripture says we “belong to one another.” So why don’t we always behave like that?

Jesus intended for all of us to skillfully speak the truth in love, and for the church to be the best place for counsel and care. We have found most people get that, want to help, and yet feel inadequate to step in and fill the gap.

Not anymore. This training series practically and powerfully prepares small group members and leaders to care more intentionally.

Backed by biblical wisdom and over 30 years of counseling experience, Dr. Garrett Higbee’s stirring four-part DVD series will transform the way you care for one another. For small group leaders, small group members, and church counselors alike, Uncommon Community: Biblical Soul Care in Small Groups is more than a teaching series; it’s a life-changing, game-changing opportunity to come together in a Christ-centered, gospel-saturated fellowship of believers.

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What People Are Saying About This New Series:

Steve Viars, Senior Pastor, Faith Church, Lafayette, IN
Highly recommend this material for anyone interested in how to transform small groups into a life changing experience for each person attending. You’ll learn how to minister the gospel in both truth and grace as well as getting at issues of the heart. Counselors, small group leaders, and other people helpers will love this material. You’ll find yourself going back to it over and over again to refresh your own soul and also equip others to serve Jesus well.

Brad Hambrick, Pastor of Counseling, The Summit Church (Durham, NC)
Rarely are a church’s care ministry is greater than the sum of their parts. Small group leaders, deacon, elders, and other lay leaders are passionate about their role but it is hard to harness their collective impact when care is needed.
Biblical Soul Care isn’t another program or theory/methodology of counseling. BSC gives the vision and tools necessary to synchronize the leaders and ministries you already have for excellent, gospel-centered, Scripture-saturated care in the midst of real life issues.”

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Uncommon Community Small Group Study

Because it’s not red punch and cookies in the church basement. Real fellowship is a powerful experience, based on active participation in a common interest and a commitment to living for one another. Fellowship is the heart of uncommon community, the very same force that was critical in holding the early church together, as “they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship…” (Acts 2:42).

Some of the deepest joys in life flow from biblical fellowship, yet too many of us are settling for less or just plain missing out. Your small group is a natural place to cultivate uncommon community—the perfect environment to pursue and persevere in deep relationships based on following Christ.

Through this study we hope you will find a renewed passion for loving, serving, encouraging, forgiving, and other actions involved in belonging to one another and the body of Christ. It is our prayer that will only be the beginning, as we start experiencing community in its richest and most uncommon form.


Biblical Soul Care for the Local Church (18-part DVD series)

We have also created an 18-part DVD series to help churches start or move toward a fully integrated Biblical Soul Care Ministry. We hope this series will help both individuals who counsel and churches desiring to setup Soul Care in their local congregation.

In this series we try to answer the question: How do I get started? In answer, we explain the model of Biblical Soul Care. You will see how to make the shift to counseling in community. We emphasize the role of an advocate and teach you how to get to the heart of the matter. The series combines 45 minutes of teaching with a powerful role play for each of the 18 sessions.

The Biblical Soul Care for the Local Church is best watched in small groups of leaders first and then followed as a small group curriculum for church members. If you are passionate about biblical counseling and want to help your church take the next step in becoming equipped to minister to the hurting, this series is for you.


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