People often ask us many of the same questions.

We hope that the following answers will be helpful to you in getting to know our ministry better as well as getting a solid biblical perspective on counseling issues.

Other Questions

Does Biblical Soul Care offer childcare for parents with young children?

No. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to provide childcare for counselees with children.

On some of our campuses seating arrangements in the Biblical Soul Care area may allow for a safe and quiet waiting area for children who can entertain themselves while the parents are in counseling, but generally we would encourage parents to find their own childcare options as we are not able to provide those services at this time.

Does Harvest Bible Chapel and Biblical Soul Care counsel people who are not part of their congregation?

If the individual/couple are not members of or attend regularly a different church, then yes. The nature of this type of counseling is evangelistic. The goal would be for this individual/couple to become believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior so that true change and restoration can occur.

If the individual/couple are members of or attend regularly a different church, then we will encourage that individual/couple to reach out to their own pastors and elders for counsel and care. However, all are welcome to participate in what we call Biblical Soul Care small groups. For more information on Biblical Soul Care Small Groups, please click here.

Is there a referral list of medical professionals or other organizations inside or outside of Harvest?

No. Generally we don’t endorse or make referrals to a professional or organization. Biblical Soul Care is grounded in and focused on Christ and God’s Word. Counsel received from other places may be inconsistent with or even contradictory to our counsel, which is why we might steer you away from some outside agencies.

There are occasions where Biblical Soul Care may collaborate or communicate with outside agencies, medical professionals, etc. This will only happen given that the person receiving care has given express written consent for such collaboration

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