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November 2018 Elder Update

November 16, 2018

The elders met on Tuesday, November 13.

In The News
The elders appreciate the staff’s leadership in communicating pro-actively to the congregation about recent events. We have added an  ‘In The News’ section to www.harvestbiblechapel.org which gives latitude to communicate urgent matters (handled by XLT/EC) to the congregation with more speed than the monthly meeting cycle sometimes allows. While as of November 16, we have no additional updates to what was communicated to the congregation on October 23, we may direct your attention to an interim update as the need arises.

Elder Nominations
As we prepare for annual elder rotation, the following men have been nominated to serve on the Elder Board.

These men have been vetted by the Nominating Committee and have completed an extensive application and interview process. In keeping with the spirit of Matthew 18, we ask the congregation to inform us of any unknown issues, which if ignored, could hinder their fruitful service to Christ.

New Elders
Fred Ananais, Naples
Jay Patel, Aurora
Scott Stonebreaker, Naples

Returning Elders
Tod Desmarais, Deerfield Road
Dan George, Rolling Meadows
Robert Jones, Chicago Cathedral

Closer Campaign
The upcoming weekend services December 1-2 are very important. The culmination of the CLOSER campaign arrives with high anticipation over the fruit that will be borne through the 4-part pledge. The opportunity before our church to uniquely steward our time/talent/treasure/testimony promises great kingdom fruit. The elders and staff leadership have already made their pledges and are prayerfully inviting the entire congregation to join in December 1-2. More details are available at harvestbiblechapel.org/closer.

The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel



Christmas Choir

November 8, 2018

We’re so glad you’re interested in signing up for the Christmas Choir! This is a great opportunity to join with others and celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Every year our worship team prepares new and creative ways to focus our church on the first coming of Jesus. Psalm 150 reminds us to get every instrument that’s available to serve the Lord. This year we want to do that with a choir on every campus on Sunday, December 23. And to do that, we need you to join us.

Please fill in the fields below and you’ll receive a confirmation email with the rehearsal schedule for your specific campus.

If you have any questions or do not receive a confirmation email feel free to contact jcollado@harvestbiblechapel.org with your full name and campus.

Can’t wait to serve with you!!


Rolling Meadows: Wednesdays, December 12 and 19 at 7:00 pm in the Junior High Room

Elgin: Tuesdays, December 11 and 18 at 7:00 pm in Cornerstone

Niles: Thursdays, December 13 and 20 in the Worship Center

Aurora: Thursdays, December 13 and 20 in the Worship Center

Crystal Lake: Sundays, December 9 and 16 at 2:30 pm in the Worship Center

Chicago Cathedral: Tuesdays, December 11 and 18 at 7:00 pm in the Worship Center

Deerfield Road: Thursdays, December 13 and 20 at 7:00 pm in the Worship Center

Operation Christmas Child

November 1, 2018

Partnering with Samaritan’s Purse, we get to pack boxes with gifts for children in need. These boxes will be delivered to children all over the world just in time for Christmas.

Showing the love of Jesus is simple and fun for you, your family, you and your friends, or even you and your small group.

  1. Find a shoe box or two (or more!) from your home or a Hobby Lobby.
  2. Shop for items that help the child in need (see below for recommendations on what to pack).
  3. Drop off your filled boxes in your campus Main Lobby at weekend service November 10-11 or November 17-18.

Click here for instructions on how to pack a box!

Thanksgiving Meals

October 31, 2018

Helping families in need this Thanksgiving.

Here’s how you can make a difference.

Sponsor a meal

For only $30, you can provide a Thanksgiving meal for a family in need.

Package a meal

On the weekend of November 17-18, we need volunteers to go to their respective campuses to help package the meals. Each meal includes a turkey, sides, and dessert. Families who will be receiving a meal will be going to their campus to pick them up at the designated time.

Distribute/Deliver a meal

You can also help volunteer to distribute the meals on the weekend of November 17-18 or on Thanksgiving Day for the Elgin Campus.  You can also help deliver any meals that were not picked up by the families or help deliver extra meals to a nearby homeless shelter.

For details on your campus click below.

Chicago Cathedral
Crystal Lake
Deerfield Road
Rolling Meadows






Scholarship Hunting at Camp Harvest

October 30, 2018

2017 Scholarship Hunt Participants

Join us for the 2018 Camp Harvest Scholarship Hunt on December 10-12.

  • Invite your friends! This is a guided hunt with the opportunity to shoot trophy whitetails valued at more than $15,000 each. Because they have been raised at the camp, hunt cost is just $6000-8000 per deer.
  • Donations are allocated 100% toward camp scholarships for students. Tax deductible receipts are provided for hunters for hunt value above deer cost.
  • Cost includes hunt, meals, and on-site accommodations at our Retreat Center Lodge. Deer processing and taxidermy not included.

For several years, Walk in the Word has funded the establishment of a trophy whitetail hunting area at Camp Harvest. All funds contributed provide scholarships to help families in need enjoy the blessing and impact of time at camp.*

Information regarding these hunts has previously been shared at Act Like Men events and is now available online.

Deer on high-fence property at Camp Harvest as of October 2018

All proceeds go toward Camp Harvest scholarships, and enable campers who would otherwise be unable attend to have life-impacting, Christ-centered camp experiences.

Scholarship Hunts take place annually during the Michigan deer season and never align with a major Harvest Bible Chapel retreat.

*Scholarship hunt donations were $12,000 in 2016, and $25,000 in 2017, and allocated 100% toward student scholarships at Camp Harvest.

In The News

October 23, 2018

Find latest news and important info for our church family – from the good things we’re celebrating to the challenging questions we’re answering.

In the News

All-Church Email

Dear Church Family:

The mission given to us by Jesus Christ is so wonderful, isn’t it?  We get to tell the world the good news that Christ is risen, sins are forgiven, and joy is available to all who trust Him in everything. Good News.

Maybe that is why it’s so hard to give difficult news. Nevertheless, we have a responsibility to be transparent with our congregation in order to keep trust high.

  • Last week, we discovered evidence that a non-ministry member of our staff who worked in operations defrauded the church of an amount of money. If the evidence proves true, this would lead to a criminal charge being filed, and a preliminary report was filed today with the Elgin police department. The amount of money in question appears to be less than 1% of our annual budget and the time period appears to be less than a year. This person has never led any public ministry in our church and is on leave pending the completion of this investigation. We are looking to lay leaders and outside expertise who will work with our insurance on maximum recovery of funds. A full report will come to the congregation as soon as the investigation is complete and the facts are fully known.
  • I am also sorry to report that a youth director who served with us a few short months was involuntarily released last January when illegal and disqualifying behavior came to light. The three affected families, as well as parents of students on those campuses, as well as DCFS were notified immediately. Find here the statement issued to the press and their article here. The June call they reference was a follow up from Craig Steiner, our Aurora Campus Pastor. That call seems to have provoked what the initial January reports did not. All of this is documented.
  • Please also be in prayer about the lawsuit filed to protect our church from lies that seek to discredit our ministry. For example, in the matter mentioned above, we have had to resist extensive efforts to distort the truth about a matter our church handled with integrity toward all parties involved. You can read more about the legal protection we are seeking in the October Elder Update, including our biblical rationale and how we came to this decision.

You may direct any questions in these matters to our Elders in writing at elders@harvestbiblechapel.org.

We should not be surprised when the enemy is attacking and agitating, “as though something strange were happening to [us]” (1 Peter 4:12). We are involved in a battle of intense fury, where the enemy is scheming to knock us down. May we redouble our efforts to keep the Good News central and our Vertical focus strong.

Please pray and “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil” (Ephesians 6:10-11).

God is good, and we can trust Him.

Pastor James and Pastor Rick

Lead Pastors Trei Tatum, Luke MacDonald, Jeff Donaldson, Mohan Zachariah, and Landon MacDonald

Elder Update

October 19, 2018

Read the latest updates from our Elders as they oversee the doctrine, direction, and discipline of Harvest Bible Chapel.

October 2018 Elder Update

In a specially called meeting on September 29, the Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel carefully considered our biblical options related to three individuals, who have long been outside of our church. Our goal was to end their prolonged and divisive effort to undermine the Elder governance of our church and to discredit our primary leaders. We have chosen to accomplish that by filing a civil suit in Cook County.

We believe governmental authorities, whether criminal or civil, are His protection when those who oppose us are actually breaking the law (Romans 13:1-2).  In consultation with highly regarded Christian leaders and students of Scripture, we received unqualified support for this difficult decision.

Excerpt from ESV Study Bible notes on 1 Corinthians 6:1-8: Although some have argued that Paul is prohibiting Christians from ever going to court against another Christian, Paul seems in these verses only to be addressing disputes related to property or money (cf. v7 “why not rather be defrauded?”) — rather than criminal cases, which fall under the jurisdiction of the state. It is doubtful, therefore, that Paul’s intention is that this specific example should be applied to every situation, since not every situation today matches the circumstances of this specific case in Corinth, where the two parties are in the same local church, and where the dispute is specifically related to property or money. Whatever the circumstances, it is clear from Scripture that disputes between believers need to be handled with the utmost care in a wise and godly manner before the watching world, wherever possible under the disciplinary authority of the church, and with the counsel of spiritually mature Christians who have no stake in the matter and can give objective, biblical advice.

When recent efforts at private appeal again failed, we made the difficult decision to seek the legal protection afforded us by Scripture. We are fulfilling our responsibility to protect our church family from defamation and other illegalities by appealing to the authorities God has established for this purpose.

By entrusting “the punishment of wrong doers” to the authorities God has established (1 Peter 2:14; Romans 13:2) and the protection of the sheep to the Elders God has raised up to lead us at Harvest Bible Chapel (1 Peter 5:1-2), our church family can confidently stay focused on the unceasing priority of love for one another and our mission of making disciples for God’s glory. Click here for an article Pastor James has written on the subject.

Keep in mind that we continue in prayer for a change of heart among the defendants and only desire an outcome that ensures their wounding of innocent church members will stop and remain stopped. Please pray that the private meeting for resolution we have offered again recently would be agreed to. If that were to happen, our desire would be to halt this process and achieve a lasting peace full of grace and truth.

Thank you for your prayers.
The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel